Model: Olivia Wells (
Photographer: Carly Fehlberg (

The summer of 2016 was a big one for me. One of the most notable events of the season was moving back to the US from Italy, where I had been attending school. I am blessed to have a very close friend, Carly, in Little Rock, whose family allowed me to stay with them for a few months.

While I was there, Carly’s mom was getting rid of an ottoman, and gave the two of us free reign over it before it went in the trash. So we threw it in the lake, obviously.

Really, this shoot was so fun. I always love working with Carly on anything not directly involving construction anyway, but this project was very spontaneous – I only had a vague idea of the feeling I wanted to convey, and we happened to have cigarettes left over from another shoot we had done earlier in the day (neither of us actually smoke). And, of course, how often do you get furniture you can destroy? ‘Girl With Cigarette’ is the result.